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Life Challenges

One thing is certain in this world – we’ll all face trials. How we deal with these Life Challenges and how we help others through them can have a tremendous impact! Do we merely provide objective solutions and cheerleading, or do we dig in to help with emotional support and messages of truth and hope! Read a few of the following pieces and see where you can grow!

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  • Causes of Depression: True self worth comes through understanding the love of God. His love gives significance and new life.
  • Depression and Suicide: Thoughts of suicide brought her out of denial. Her doctors worked with her to find appropriate medication.
  • Men Coping With Divorce: A divorce is devastating for everyone involved. How do men cope with divorce?
  • Effects Of Divorce: There are many facts and statistics on the problem of divorce. Where should you go for help?
  • What is Jealousy?: Resentful feelings of another person’s success and advantages. Do you struggle with jealous thoughts toward others in your family or workplace?
  • Miscarriage Stats: Understanding the emotional pain of miscarriage starts with understanding the truth about carrying a baby.
  • Christianity And Homosexuality: What's at the heart of the controversy over homosexual clergy in the Christian church?
  • Christ Centered Family: How do you raise and lead a Christ-centered home? Here are some principles to discover.
  • Child Abuse Victim: Discover the salve that can heal the wounds of an abusive childhood. There is hope for your hurting heart.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer Positive Stories: A battle facing more and more women today. Is there any hope?
  • Suicide Stories: Read how one mother expresses the loss of her son from suicide. She found hope among her grieving.
  • Marriage Counseling: Find help for marital problems by asking a trained professional. Discover how a counselor can help you and your relationship.
  • Chronic Pain Management: How does someone with chronic pain cope? What's the key to adjusting to the pain?
  • Effects of Premarital Sex: Are there social, emotional, or physical effects that I should know about before having sexual relationships before marriage?
  • Coping with Grief: Learn how to deal with sorrow and receive true comfort. Find out how to express emotions and relate to others.
  • God And Loneliness: Friends can let us down when they turn away during a life crisis. When we're alone, who can we turn to?
  • Christian Parenting Guidelines: Discover help from God’s Word on how to parent your children. Provide them with a good Christian foundation for life.
  • Coping With A Miscarriage: Dealing with the true loss of a child. Society may treat miscarriage differently, but it’s proper to grieve.
  • Relief from Chronic Pain: Dealing with a life of pain is a matter of approach and attitude. Find purpose and significance in your pain.
  • Marital Affairs: Extramarital relationships often result in grief, pain, and sleepless nights. The scars that result are difficult to heal.
  • Families Coping with Job Loss: Have you lost all the things you’ve worked so hard for? Has life dealt you a bad hand? Discover how to cope.
  • Dealing with a Death: Are you searching for comfort after a loss? Learn how to find lasting acceptance and peace.
  • Overcome Fear Now: Do you struggle with fears and in your daily life? Are they controlling what you do and say? Find relief!
  • Acute Pancreatitis : A look at the acute and chronic forms of this painful condition in the stomach. Does alcohol play a role?
  • Coping with Stress and Anxiety: Do you worry too much? Is your body reacting negatively? Discover how to reduce stress and find lasting relief.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Depression: Discover the facts about this condition and learn more about finding help. Find out how you can find true healing.
  • Post Abortion Stress Syndrome: A long period of recovery with a glorious promise of forgiveness and hope. Find true joy through this trial!
  • Why God?: Are you confused about the direction of your life? Is it not going as planned? Do you feel abandoned?
  • Methods of Suicide: Should you listen to the thoughts in your head? Do you really want to end your life? Read a personal account.
  • Ways of Coping with Separation: How do I deal with this situation? Will relief come with time? Learn to manage your pain through love.

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