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As hard as it is to hear in a world community that says, “let’s just all get along,” Christianity is different than all the other religions and philosophies. That may sound terribly elitist and narrow-minded, but the simple truth is that Christianity is unique. Check it out for yourself!

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  • Liberal Theology: What is liberal Christianity? Why is it so prevalent today?
  • The Beginning Of Religion: What's the worldwide timeline on the various religions? Why do religions start in the first place?
  • Origin Of The Church Of Christ: The foundation of the Christian faith began with Jesus Christ in the 1st century.
  • Pope John Paul II: A review of the papal system in the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Gospels Of The Gnostics: Why aren’t these “gospels” included in the canon of the Bible? A look at these newly discovered texts.
  • Cycle Of Life: Is there a cycle of death and rebirth? What does the Bible really say?
  • Christian Church History: How the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.
  • Eternal Life: Is there really a heaven and a hell? What really happens when we die?
  • Faith Healing Ministries: What's behind the latest in healing ministries? How do these high profile ministries stack up against the Bible?
  • The Buddhist Philosophy: What does the Eastern philosophy of Buddhism teach? What are the variants of Buddhism?
  • Christian Scientist Beliefs: The history and background of this religious movement. What's it all about?
  • History Of The Virgin Mary: Who was Mary and why is she so important to many in the Christian Church?
  • Unity Church: What is the basic theology of this world religion? What is the standard of salvation? Who is God?
  • Catholic Church: The background and theology of Roman Catholicism. What's at the core of the Church?
  • What Is Crystal Healing?: What is this practice and does it really work? What’s the source of this “healing” power?
  • Out of Body Experiences: A process of transiently separating the consciousness (spirit) from the physical body. What does the Bible say?
  • Biblical Christianity: The Christian faith is supported by historical truth. Check out the foundational evidence for yourself.
  • Jesus Seminar Movement: What's the background of this latest scholarly movement to rewrite the record of Jesus?
  • Christian Cults: What's the definition of a Christian cult? Why does it matter?
  • Origins Of Islam: Discover what Muslims believe and the basic historical facts that make up this world religion.
  • Charles Taze Russell: What's the background of this religious movement? What do they really believe?
  • Belief Of Mormons: What's at the heart of the LDS belief system? What's the foundational history?
  • Christianity History: The background and legacy of the Christian church. Look at some of the events here.
  • Freemasonry Rituals : Shrouded in secrecy for centuries, what's at the heart of free mason doctrine?
  • The Church: The history of the Christian church is founded on Jesus Christ alone. Check out the history.
  • What Is Christianity?: It's not about religion at all. It's about a true relationship with Christ.
  • Beliefs Of Messianic Jews: What's the meaning of this term? Are there really Jews who believe in Jesus?
  • New Age Prophecy: A fictional book that's become the basis for some new age variants.
  • Christian Denominations: An examination of the various belief systems now found throughout the Christian church.
  • The Clergy: How does the Roman Catholic system work? What's the structure of the clergy?
  • Secrets Of Transcendental Meditation: What's at the heart of this spiritual technique? Why is it so pervasive today?
  • Saint Polycarp: Who is this leader in the early Christian church? Why is his legacy important today?
  • The Blessed Virgin: The mother of Jesus was truly blessed. Check out some of the controversies here.
  • New Age Religion: How do we define this philosophical mishmash of new spirituality?
  • Edgar Cayce Predictions: What types of predictions did the Sleeping Prophet make? Did they stand the test of time?
  • Spiritual Beings: What's the truth about these spiritul beings? What does the Bible tell us?

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