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As you grow with God, you’ll soon discover that worship isn’t about you at all – it’s all about God! The purpose of your life isn’t about your personal fulfillment any more. It’s not about your happiness, your comfort, or your peace of mind… Whether at church or home, whether at work or play, it’s about worshipping God in all that you do! Grow in worship here!

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  • Praising God And Worship: How are we supposed to worship God? It's a matter of the heart.
  • God Is Good: The revelation of God is everywhere. His love and mercy shine through.
  • Christian Praise and Worship: Acknowledge the lordship of Jesus Christ and give Him all praise! How can you make this a pattern of life?
  • Model Of Prayer: Jesus gives us a wonderful model for praying to God in the Gospel of Matthew.
  • Progressive Sanctification: Learn practical ways of continuing to grow in your Christian faith. What is the meaning of this doctrine? Learn more now.
  • What Is Surrendering to God?: A lifestyle choice that we’re all called to embrace. What do we really have to give up?
  • The Power of Prayer: The Bible says that God answers our prayers according to His will. What does that mean and is it powerful?
  • Fasting and Prayer: Is this a way to manipulate God? How is a fast to be done according to the Bible? Study the facts.
  • Intercessory Prayer Info: What does it mean to stand in the gap for another? Check out the power of prayer here.
  • Praise God: Worshipping the Father for who He is and what He has done. Discover the basics here and grow in your relationship with Him.
  • Bible's Prayer Of Jabez: What's this highly publicized prayer all about? Check it out for yourself.
  • Faith And Trust In God: Once we believe in God, we are called to grow in our relationship with Him by trusting in Him.
  • Worship Is Not Just About Music: We're called to worship God in Spirit and Truth. What does that really mean?
  • Glory and Praise to Our God: What does the Bible say about glorifying Him? Understand how to apply these principles to your everyday life.
  • Daily Christian Prayers: What should be the model for our daily prayers? Indeed, Jesus gave us one.
  • Biblical Fasting: What does this term mean? What's the biblical basis for this practice?
  • How to Praise God: Learn what the Bible says about praising Him. Discover how to get started and make it an integral part of your life.
  • Dying To Self: A key to the Christian life. A hard lesson to grasp and learn.

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